The future was ours all along.
Thanks to zukunftslabor-salzburg.at!
Tammo Claassen, Sophie Birkmayer, Ruediger Wassibauer, Schmiede, Dolab, Center for HCI, University of Salzburg, Martin Murer, Dorothé Smit, Giovi Wan, Bernhard Georg Förg, Lilli Bayer, Stephanie Meisl, Nova Amhimmel



no actually on Thursday, last week, but we feel super futuristic even when looking back. We got selected as one of 12 from 70 proposed projects.

Thanks to zukunftslabor-salzburg.at for honouring us!

many thanks to our supporters and team.

we are very excited about the road ahead.

www.minischmiede.at is work in progress, but should be done next week.